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 With approximately 180,000 owners and around 60 resorts within their network, Bluegreen did roughly 197 million dollars in sales in 2016. Although Bluegreen has a number of very nice resorts, they also have a group of less than satisfactory resorts. This and the difficulty of obtaining reservations are some of the biggest disappointments expressed by owners. 

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By Anne Bucher
July 1, 2016

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit that accuses the timeshare company of using “hard sell” tactics and misinformation to convince consumers to enter into timeshare contracts.

Plaintiffs Kyle Miles and Jasmine Miles filed the deceptive sales tactics class action lawsuit against Bluegreen Vacations, claiming that the company engages in “the practice of making and advertising false promises and statements with regards to its timeshare contracts that it had no intention of honoring,” causing consumers to suffer damages.

According to the Bluegreen Vacations class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs attended a timeshare presentation for Bluegreen in Las Vegas, Nev., in December 2014.

“The presentation included other high intensity sales tactics to induce Plaintiffs to enter into a timeshare contract, including claiming the presentation would only last two hours when it in fact lasted over five hours in length,” the Bluegreen Vacations class action lawsuit alleges.

During the timeshare presentation, the plaintiffs were reportedly informed that, if they were not satisfied with the timeshare contracts Bluegreen was selling, Bluegreen would buy back the contracts.

The plaintiffs claim they were told by Bluegreen that the timeshare contract would cost only $15,000 over five years at 15.99% interest. However, Bluegreen’s timeshare contract was for $25,000 over 10 years, the timeshare sales pressure class action lawsuit alleges.

According to the timeshare class action lawsuit, Bluegreen also misled the presentation attendees by representing that the timeshare contract’s maintenance fees would not increase, when in reality, the maintenance fees increase on an annual basis.

After the timeshare presentation, the plaintiffs were reportedly taken into a separate room in which a Bluegreen Vacations agent read them the timeshare contract and had them respond, “I agree.” However, the plaintiffs allege that the terms that were actually contained in the timeshare contract are different than the terms promised during the timeshare presentation.

They also claim that they were pressured to open two Bluegreen credit cards and to put the entire $5,000 down payment on the cards.

The Bluegreen Vacations class action lawsuit alleges that Bluegreen’s “false advertising causes significant and continuing harm to consumers who are unable to sell back their timeshare contracts to Bluegreen despite Defendant’s representations.”

By filing the deceptive sales tactics class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs seek to represent a Class of individuals in the United States who entered into a timeshare contract with Bluegreen after Bluegreen made representations about the ability to sell the contract back to Bluegreen. They also seek to represent a California subclass.

The Bluegreen Vacations class action lawsuit asserts claims for violation of the Florida False Advertising Law, the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, the California False Advertising Act, the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and California’s business and professions code.

The plaintiffs are represented by Todd M. Friedman and Adrian R. Bacon of Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman PC.

The Bluegreen Vacations Timeshare Sales Tactics Class Action Lawsuit is Kyle Miles, et al. v. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc., Case No. 1:16-cv-00937, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

UPDATE: The Bluegreen sales tactics class action lawsuit was dismissed on October 21, 2016. Please keep checking Top Class Actions for updates. We will let our viewers know if any new class action cases are filed!


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