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Timeshare Industry Statistics - Linx Legal Inc.

Timeshare Statistics

the timeshare industry is worth more than 9 billion dollars

  •  There were 1,547 resorts as of 2016, which only adds up to about 200,720 units....Wyndham alone has over 900,000 owners. 
  • Not only have consumers spent about 3.4 billion dollars while onsite at these resorts, but 6.6 billion was spent in the communities surrounding them in one years time. 
  • Every year, revenue from new sales goes up. In 2015 46% of sales was from new owners. 
  • The average occupancy at a timeshare resort was 80%, yet many of our clients' chief complaint was that they could not get a reservation when they wanted.

A breakdown of how much money you spend on a timeshare vacation

Why buying a timeshare is a BAD idea

56% of timeshares end in foreclosure

*Sourced from ARDA


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